Guide to Heckel Bassoon Bocals

At Nielsen, we offer Heckel bocals in nickel silver and “gold-bronze” (unplated). The nickel silver offers a brilliant sound with good projection, and the gold-bronze offers a more mellow sound, suitable for chamber music and smaller acoustic environments.

The Heckel bocal is unparalleled in its refinement of sound and control. Letter designations on the bocals indication variations of metals, thickness, etc. Numbers indicate length.

B = Good for the high register

E = Slightly narrower opening at the tip

C = the hard silver alloy, allowing for a brilliant sound

CC = the soft silver alloy, allowing for a warm, blended sound

D = Thin-wall. Bocals are normally .6 mm thick, whereas thin-wall bocals are .5 mm thick, which increase response time and vibration

V = a version of the C bore with a slightly different taper, typically preferred by players with older instruments.

XL = the “pre=war” bocal, designed for Heckel series earlier than 8000

R = the newest designation. The stamping on these is right next to the cork rather than on the body of the instrument, and the metal is more compressed.


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